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Using GIFs to boost engagement

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Online reputation management is an industry that is enjoying slow growth. The companies who have tried to expand their businesses too quickly have felt the pinch and have had to close down. There are many factors that have caused a slow growth in this space. The main factors are that people still don’t know this can be done. Those that do are not sure if it is ethical to manipulate search engine’s result pages. The others who want it done might not be able to afford it.

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For those that don’t see a problem in manipulating the first page of the search engines and can afford it have to wait awhile to get to the desired outcome. To make sure Google doesn’t flag the content you put up too quickly. Everything has to seem as organic as possible. That would mean not to have too many followers at one time and not to create too many social media pages at once either.

People who work in the field of online reputation management know the value of engagement. It is crucial since it helps boost results on search engines. Pictures and text are a great way to get people’s attention but there is also GIFs that are becoming more and more popular. For those of you who don’t know what a GIF is, it is a video that lasts a few seconds and doesn’t have sound. Its purpose is to communicate sentiment and information in a quick and entertaining manner. But it is tricky to get a GIF just right since there has to be the right balance of tone, image and timing.

Therefore, if you are vying for more engagement, a great place to get it is through the use of GIFs. When adding them to your strategy, is sends the message that you are aware of this Internet trend and it demonstrates that your brand has a fun side.

Other reasons to use them are to add context to a text or short post, easily shared and they are better than images since they communicate emotions better.

Now that you know why GIFs are so popular nowadays, let’s look at where you can kind them. Giphy, gifbin and reddit are good places to look for good quality GIFs. This is a great way to get inspired on which on to use for your own social media campaign.

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