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Travelling To Pattaya: See Nature In A New Way!

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If you want to go on a nice holiday, vacation or any trip at all that would involve you having fun to magical guided private tours of Thailand (yeah, the official land of rice and the majestic elephants), you might want to see more than rice fields and a glorious herds of elephants walking by and take some time out to some nice beach and trust us, your beach experience would not be complete if you havent been to the Pattaya beach resort. For those that are yet to hear of this place, the Pattaya beach resort just happens to be the most popular of such in Thailand. See why it would be nearly a sin for you not to visit now?

Pattaya, which is beautifully located just at the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and is geographically on the southeast of Bangkok, also happens to be one of the municipally self-governed location in the area. The sheer beauty that is Pattaya alone is enough to bring visitors and tourists in the thousands every year.

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It would interest you to know that (Pattaya Sightseeing), would not just provide you with the chance to stay at the beach side, soak in the sun and skin-dip alone but offers you a wide range of entertainment and sports activities. These side attractions would surely appeal to you and should you feel a day is too small for you to soak in all of the awesomeness that is Pattaya (which truly is), there are accommodations for you on the resort. Be it that you are taking a fun trip alone, having a world travel with a group of friends or on a vacation with your family, the accommodation options on the Pattaya resort would cater to every of your needs.

Pattaya: When best to travel?

Pattaya registers the most of its yearly visitors during the end of the year and turn of a new year. This time frame coincides with when people are having their Christmas holidays and are preparing for the new year to come in as fun way as they can, unwinding from the stress of the soon to be previous year. This time preference for people to travel all the way out to Thailand’s Pattaya might also be due to the fact that the area has the best weather all around this season of festivities. This also means that around such peak periods, accommodation prices are expected to soar to values much higher than that they would normally go for so be sure to include this hike in your budget planning. You should also know that some hotel lodgings in Pattaya would automatically include dinner fees for the Christmas and new year in your total lodging cost. Knowing this early should help you get prepared lest you get tangled in these kinds of situations. If you would like to go when everything isn’t as costly, then you should know that Pattaya doesn’t really feel the buzz around February, October and November. During these months, lodging rates would not be as costly.

Pattaya: The Travel.

Now that we have been getting a good chunk of information as to what awaits us in Pattaya and already have our bags packed, what’s next is how we are going to get into this beautiful resort. From Bangkok, getting into Pattaya by road is no big deal at all. Depending on how much traffic you encounter, you should already be in Pattaya some two hours after your road trip kicks off from Bangkok. Your driver could decide to take one of two routes into Pattaya one being the highway 7 and the other being the highway 34. If you would like to have your trip in an air-conditioned bus, these luxury vehicles take off from Bangkok at 30 minutes’ intervals to one another and give you the option of choosing to be in first class or second class bus compartments. If you are more of a taxi person, there are provisions for you at Bangkok also as cabs are willing to take you to your location for an already predetermined rate. In the case that your pocket doesn’t agree with you in going for a cab though, you should know that vans and coaches (air-conditioned as well) would take you to Pattaya for less the cost you would incur with a taxi.

Pattaya: Exploring The City

To move around Pattaya, you are very likely to find yourself using the songthaew a lot. The songthaew is only the most common means of transportation in Pattaya and are simply small trucks that have been made into small buses having seats behind for people to sit and enjoy the view as they rode along. This kind of shared means of transportation helps you to meet other people, network, make small talk and even get immersed in different cultures for whatever short time the ride might last for. The Beach Bus a bus line operated locally which operates in a circular path can also be used to move around Pattaya. You could take taxi in Pattaya but before you do, make sure your negotiation skills are top notch as the absence of a meter in these taxis means you would have to haggle prices to your destination.

To make your stay more interesting thing, you could opt to rent a motorcycle another quick way of moving around. To rent a motorcycle in this region, be prepared to show them a photocopy of your passport and some money to be deposited for the rent. Some other rental bodies might even require you to leave your passport in their care for as long as you would be with their motorcycle to ensure that you would not just make away with it in the end. This is just a safety measure and not a scheme to harass you in any way. At least, they cant be blamed for wanting to keep their investments safe.

Pattaya: Of Accommodations and Lodgements

You obviously do not plan on going to Pattaya for a day and returning. No. that location is simply too magical for such haste. You would find out that there are a lot of options to choose from should you wish to get an accommodation in Pattaya. The big hotels in the area would offer you luxury services that money can buy and the smaller ones would guarantee you a nice and quiet environment as well as better personal relationship, not forgetting personalised customer care services. Yu can also decide to choose your accommodation in Pattaya according to your particular beach of interest ad these kinds of specialised lodgings also exist. So, explore the best option and choose such accommodation that would suit you the best.

Pattaya: The fun things to do.

Pattaya layout naturally dictates what most visitors do and at what times. In the day and active hours of the afternoon, the beaches are always filled with a lot of people and sport engagements. You get to watch banana boat rides, surfers, jet and water skiing and the likes. What’s more? You also get a chance to show off your swimming skills or simply enjoy a nice time in the water. As the evening begins to creep upon Pattaya, most of the attention is shifted away from the beach and the various malls, restaurants and bars that the area boasts. The streets are usually bubbling (literally) at this point and the nightlife entertainment is in itself, a joy to behold. This continues until very late in the night and rest assured, there is never a dull moment when in Pattaya.

If you are feeling more adventurous and you would like to end your day feeing soothed and calm instead, there are massage parlours in the Central and South Pattaya Road that would offer you the absolute best service.

Pattaya: The Good, The Good and the good!

Are you an animal lover? A people person? Someone who just likes to see new places, discover new cultures and meet a lot of other people from different walks of life? Or are you just looking for a nice place to pass a holiday? Pattaya beckons and with this amazing beach resort, it is simply impossible to go wrong.

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