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The Controlling of a Business

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When it comes to the ORM Los Angeles company, when the owner opened the business at the beginning, there were several steps that had to be followed and a lot of planning ahead in order to gain profits and succeed in the years of operation that are to follow. Normally, as things start to run smoothly in your company, this is the part where you start to monitor your operations to see whether everything is going according to plan; and if it is not, you can take corrective actions to solve this issue. The process of company actual to planned performance and being able to then take necessary corrective action is called controlling.


Controlling is used in several businesses and this involves the process of comparing actual to planned performance and taking corrective action. When it comes to the control function, there is a five-step process in order to be sure that everything is getting completed the right way and that the business can continue to move on to greater success. The process starts with first setting standards by which the company’s performance will be measured. Secondly, simply measuring the company’s performance. Third, comparing the actual performance with standards and being able to identify any deviations. Fourth, is to determine the reasons for the deviations. The final process involves taking corrective action if needed. The control process is helpful since sometimes a problem can cut into your sales and you can go back and correct this problem and increasing sales and profits. Also, having a control process to follow will allow you to plan more carefully.

If every company includes the controlling process along with planning, organizing, directing, the business will succeed more than if the business owner wasn’t using these methods.

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