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Six Positions of Relationships: The Different Journeys Toward A Healthy Relationship

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When you go through a certain journey, you must first learn where you are heading to. Since we are into travelling the path of ideal relationship, then the first step is through understanding where you actually are. And so here are the six positions of relationships where you can be in one of these:

Position One: Magnificent Love and Passion Relationship

Considered as the zone of relationship wherein you never wanted things to end such as passion, excitement, closeness, spontaneity and devotion. In this position, couples need to be guided properly because there’s a selfish feeling for fun and intimacy, which when they end up, may lead in pain. Getting the best relationship counselling services around Castle Hill is crucial in this position.

Position Two: Relationship with Love but with little or No Passion.

It refers to the feeling of deep love with someone wherein almost everyone thinks that you are into a good and stable relationship. But you could experience absence of passion, fun, juice and excitement. Passion could be present at first and could grow but it could as well be gone. But moving from this position to position one can be possible.

Position Three: Relationship without much Love and Passion

Couples could be living together comfortably but actually there is no involvement of deep emotions. Once you are in this position your focus would be more on hobbies, work, friends and others. The disadvantage on this position could be you might be thinking that your partner is good wherein not good enough to be excited about or not that bad to leave.

Position Four: Escape as your Plan

You are still with your partner but the situation could be the same as in position three. You are not into the feeling of being committed to work on the relationship and you are just into waiting for the perfect situation to leave. In this position, there may be no love, romance or friendship at all and so lying and procrastination can be observed. And the solution could be either of these two ways: you are to go back to positions one and two or just move out.

Position Five: Out of Relationship but wants to be in one

 This position could hold lots of pain for many people; still this could also be your opportunity position. This will be helping you out with clarifying relationship of your wants and therefore might help you avoid the pain you experienced in the past.

Position Six: Out of Relationship and so don’t want to be in one

Known to be a comfortable, consistent and private position but still you might be missing one of the best emotional experiences that life could offer. Once being in this position, seeing examples of relationships could be considered. Though you really don’t want to be in a relationship still there will be no harm of giving yourself a chance to witness how intimate relationship works.

Those are the six positions of relationships and so have you now determined which position are you at the present? Regardless of your position in your relationship, there could be challenges that will come your way. That’s why it’s important to tap a professional counselling service like Colleen Hurll Counselling for a healthy relationship.

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