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Revealed – Coorg!

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Do you like the smell of fresh coffee? This is how coorg will feed our nose at almost every corner. Rich coffee plantations and dense forest with lush green environment surrounding it! This is how coorg is. Considered to be a beautiful place in Karnataka, coorg has made many people cling here because of the ambience and atmosphere here. The city does not run on high end IT sector or corporate offices; rather it is peaceful and makes most of time relaxing. For people who love traveling solo, this city can be extremely pleasant. The people here remain calm and humble. There are many attractions which are available in coorg. Some of them are mentioned below-

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Adventure is the key to a happy trip-

There are many people who love adventure and the adrenaline rush in their body while performing the adventurous sports. One can find different sports which can be experienced but, the right places which are safe and have all the safety measures to ensure less injury are hard to find. Luckily, not in case of coorg , it has white water rafting on Cauvery and has a beautiful spot for adventure lovers in Mount tadiyamdamol. For people who seek trekking and hiking, mount tadiyandamol is the only place where a person can rejoice the experience.


Dominated a little bit by the Buddhism culture and we guess that the only reason people have got their calm and peaceful character, this place is a hub for monasteries. There are many epic and worth visiting monasteries like the smiling monks and dazzling Buddha sculptures. If a person wants to spend time here, there are many accommodation and lodging facilities which are available. A person can book from a variety of hotels in coorg.

Plantations- coffee!

The lush green plantations of coffee will soothe your eyes and soul. The acres of land covered with lush green leaves make everyone feel amazed. The city has been known to import a lot of coffee throughout the nation. The main source of business or one can say the economy of this city, depends upon the plantations which it has. There are different people across the world that have come here to experience the view of large coffee foundations. The other benefit of being here is that you get the freshest of the coffee.

Endless options are available for enthusiast travelers-

There are many options available in the city for someone who is looking for a complete travel, holiday package. There are so many things a person can do and experience here. The rich diversified culture which will make you feel calm and easy going. The city offers less violence and more peace kind of outlook. The monasteries are a great place to find inner peace and calmness. The river rafting and mountain trekking options are open throughout the year, excluding monsoons which is obvious. There are different places a person can visit here like camping in the dense forest which provides better glimpse of the nature and wildlife. You can also enjoy a stay at the orange county coorg and add to your experience. So, what are you waiting for? Plan the most exotic trip to coorg!

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