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How Social Media helps your online reputation

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Reputation management company New York is having a higher demand for these services. The fact is that there are more and more people searching for all kinds of terms online. This includes companies and other people. You have to be aware of what the first page on the search engines says about you if you want to have a positive reputation online. It will keep doors open for you and not limit your potential.


There are many different social media sites you can open to make sure you are in control over the content written about you.  Don’t be late in curating your own information because it can be a matter of time before someone writes something about you. It may be positive or negative but make sure people know what you are about instead of getting speculations from someone else. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and all great tools to have to show the public what products and services you offer. Twitter is another great way to market yourself but people have to know how to use it right. Using the right keywords is the perfect way to appeal to a specific audience.

By following influencers on Twitter, you are starting a relationship with people who can potentially bring new traffic to your pages. This can even increase engagement, which is very valuable especially with Google’s new algorithm change. The use of hash tags is also a great way to attract people to your tweets that normally wouldn’t have found you. A good practice for that is using common phrases and words used in your industry and other words that will describe an image or video you added.

If you liked someone else’s tweet, there is nothing wrong with retweeting their content. This way they will be more familiar with your name since they would have already have seen it before. Also depending on when your target audience is most commonly on Twitter, use a schedule on when is best to tweet to get as much impressions and engagement as possible.

Since you only have 140 characters to get someone’s attention, do it in a witty way. Getting the right text for your tweet can mean the difference between a click and a scroll. Do research on what works best for Twitter and the industry you are in. The use of images will also give a huge boost in engagement.

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