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Hexmag magazine: To Grip Or Not To Grip

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The day 3-D printers were introduced to the world, it opened up a completely new array of opportunities and creativity found a new language of expression. It is simply amazing what all you can actually do with this new technology. If your misfiring neurones are troubling you with an absolute blank slate, then you need to log on to –


The year 2013 marked the inception of Hexmag and their offering to the local gun community – the Hexmag 30 round HX30-AR magazine. Now all you slowpokes are nearing to the surprise. Yes, they 3-D printed the bloody magazine.

Where and how did they even come up with the idea? Well, to begin with, the guys at Hexmag are a bunch of crazy firearm enthusiasts. They took hold of an AR 15 magazine for the project and decided to model their first designs on it. Furthermore, their main focus was reliability and they achieved it precisely with the 30 round magazines which were otherwise proving to be an impossible task. But, need being the mother of all inventions, is indeed a truism in this regard.

On the opening day all those who tested the magazine fell immediately heads over heels in love with it. The Hexmag magazine began and was set on a journey none like any other. Today, you take the name of any major player in the market and they are proud owners of the Hexmag magazine. Take for example, the Core Rifle Systems, the Rebel Arms, the War Sports Manufacturing LLC, the Battle Rifle Company, Ranger Proof, Tactical Black Firearms, EXTAR, Rebulous Ordinance, Dragon Fire, VDC Armory LLC, and many more. You can read more about Hexmag Magazine.

What is so great about the Hexmag Magazine?

Well, Hexmag has indeed done a great job with the one feature which makes or breaks any magazine design. That is its grip. Their advanced tactical grip allows the user to maintain complete control when it is needed the most.

Let’s move on details pertaining to the basics of product:

  • The magazine gets its name from its shape and the 46 hex shapes that it carries provide enough tensile strength and gripping capabilities.
  • Secondly, the legendary grip tape is water proof and at the same time allows a perfect grip irrespective of the environmental conditions.
  • The grip tape is an ingenious design and is a straight die-cut. Therefore it fits perfectly within the hex-shaped cavity.
  • Cleaning it is not a task at all.
  • If you require more details, there is a QR code which is located at the back of the grip.

Why put your money in it?

  • For one, there is no other product on the market like it and for $9.99 it is exactly like the icing on a cake.
  • The company also guarantees for their product and if you feel dissatisfied in any manner, head straight to Loveland, Colorado – this is where their factory is located.
  • In fact the How2Media recently ran a show titled as, World’s Greatest and you guessed it right, Hexmag magazine was its star feature.
  • If you want more reasons, then go ahead and test it out by your own self. They have hundreds of dealers across the country, simply log on to – and find the closest to you.

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