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Emotional Support Animal Are Curative Assistants Of Human

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Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a known term in USA. Emotional Support Animals act as a person’s accompanying pet animal and provide a curative assistance in recovering or explanatory signs of any mental or psychiatric disability of following person. This Emotional Support Animals (ESA) includes any domestic animal, commonly a dog or a cat. But mice, rats, rabbits, birds, mini pigs, hedgehogs, and even snakes can be someone’s ESA.  Another thing is that the animals can be of any age like young puppies and kittens as well. ESAs are mental support system of those people who suffer from certain emotional disabilities and therefore are limited in one or more daily life activities. The person who keeps ESA does not need any special training to keep them as ESAs are pets.

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Why Need ESA

It is already said that an emotional support animal is a person’s pet but the difference is that it has been prescribed by licensed psychologist or psychiatrist or a mental health therapist. It is important to mention that the ESA is a vital part of the whole treatment program for the particular person with certain mental limitations or disabilities. This type of treat5ment methods are designed to bring ease and reduce the depressing signs of the patient’s psychological or emotional malady.

Ailments That May Need ESA Therapy

 It is not that people with ant mental disability may keep an emotional support animal. Yes, everybody can have their own pet dog or cat or else but they won’t be categorized as ESA. A pet animal can become an emotional support animal only when it is suggested by an authorised practitioner. People who are with mental disorder included in DMV-IV list in USA are qualified to get ESA recommendation. Now the question is what are the disorders included in the DMV-IV list! Those mental disorders included in DMV-IV are as follows–

  • Personality Disorders
  • Deep Depression
  • Nervousness and Anxiety
  • Mood Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Panic Disorder

These mental conditions are most common that people suffer from. But the whole list of DMV-IV includes more names.

How to Get ESA Certification

That was a time when people had to invest few long hours to consult a mental health therapist about ones ESA. And, in most of the cases these discussions ended with heart breaking denial of allowing for the pet as an emotional support animal. And the reason was simple as they didn’t think the person need to be that close to their pet or just the therapist could not examine the pet. But these days are long gone.

Get Online Support

Now there is online support availably. The people, who need ESA certification for pets, just need to take an online examination and then wait for the recommendation. Professional health consultants will check those answers to evaluate the person’s need of ESA and will confirm immediately.  If it is positive and they recommend ESA to the person, that particular company (wherefrom the person has taken online exam) will complete all the required paperwork thereafter.

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