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Droopy eyelid surgery – Yes or No?

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An eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a simple cosmetic procedure. If you’re from Australia, and you need eyelid surgery, you can get cosmetic surgery in Bondi Junction, Sydney done by some amazing surgeons. However, you need to not what you’re getting into, and what exactly is an eyelid surgery. Here is what you should know:

What is ptosis?

Ptosis is a medical term for drooping of an upper eyelid on your eye or both of them. The droop can be barely noticeable in the beginning, but over time the lid of your eye can cover the entire pupil.

Signs of ptosis

The most noticeable sign of Ptosis is a drooping eyelid. Sometimes people can have trouble seeing because of their drooping eyelid. The degree of droopiness can vary. If you want to know just how droopy your lid became, simply look at your old photos. That way you will be able to see just how severe your ptosis is.

Do you actually have ptosis?

Do not try to diagnose yourself, leave that in the hands of your family doctor. Sometimes ptosis might look similar to dermatochalasis. Dermatochalasis is a group of diseases that cause your skin to hang. Check with your doctor first what exactly is the problem with your eyelids, and let him decide the best course of treatment.

What causes droopy eyelid?

Ptosis develops over the years, but it can also be present at birth. It can also be caused by an injury, or by some kind of corrective eye surgery.

A droopy eyelid can also be caused by levators. Levators are the muscles who’re lifting your eyelids, and your facial anatomy might cause problems with these small muscles.

Some other causes of ptosis might be diabetes, an eye tumor, or neurological disorder.

Treatment of droopy eyelid

There is no better way for treating a droopy eyelid than with surgery. Your surgeon will tighten levator muscles, and he will give you an improved vision and appearance by doing that. However, in some very severe cases of droopy eyelid, your surgeon might attach your eyelid just below your eyebrows. By doing this, he enables your forehead muscles to work instead of your levator muscles.

What are the risks of this eye surgery?

The most important thing before undergoing droopy eyelid surgery is to ask your surgeon how many procedures he has done. You don’t want someone inexperienced operating on your face. After all, it is your face, and you need to show it to the world. Most surgeons will gladly show you before and after pictures of their former patients. If your surgeon doesn’t show them to you, it is recommended that you choose a new surgeon for yourself.

The risk of complications is minimal since this is a fairly standard procedure. After the procedure, your eyelids will not appear symmetrical, but that’s perfectly normal. A process of recovery is needed after this procedure, and over time your eyelids will look great.


Before you diagnose yourself, go to your doctor and let him examine you. Don’t go under the knife before you’re completely sure you need the procedure. If you do need surgery, and you live in Sydney drooping eyelid surgery by Dr Naveen Somia has produced some more than great results.

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