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7 Health Reasons Why Older People Needs Pets

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Everyone loves to have an adorable four-legged buddy. From cats to dogs to birds, no doubt those pets can add incomparable value on our lives. However, how can they help our elders as they are already aging?

Sadly, our elders became an underserved and overlooked part of our world. Some of them lives on their own, assisted living communities or have been facing physical and mental challenges.  When this happens, pets come into play.  These pets, not unless they have paralysis tick symptoms after removal, can give relief on several issues faced by the older generation.  With that, identified below are reasons why they need pets:


Relief for mental conditions

For people who are experiencing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, pet can help relieve the usual stress they feel. Most dementia patients suffer and fight against agitation. With the help of pets,  they can calm down little by little.   Their interaction with their pets could stimulate also their appetite who most probably is not eating properly due to their condition.


Having pets could alleviate isolation, depression and loneliness. People who recently lost their husband or wife or if their children decided to move away from them, pets can be the best source of companionship and friendship.


In some ways, it is also essential for our elders to engage or walk around to make their body more active. There are lots of studies which found out that people who adopted a pet have a healthier lifestyle.  Through petting, this can help work out your arthritic arms and hands.

Emotional support

As people age, they oftentimes feel that they are being disregarded, unappreciated or worst, left behind. If that’s the case, pets acts like their support system that provides lavish amount of validation and acceptance.

Furthermore, our elder seldom get healing power of touch from us or even a simple hug. But with their pets, they can get a calming sensation which is enjoyable mutually for the pet and their owners.  It is essential for us human being to be touched and touch.



 Enjoying your senior life with dogs could help lower cortisol (known as stress hormone) and further boost serotonin level (known as happy hormone). There are types of pets particularly dogs, which can sense if you fee scared or sad or every time you need someone to comfort you.  For our elders who are afraid to face surgery or their future, pets can help them take advantage of the present moment.

Mind sharpener

Pets can be an excellent source of mental stimulation.   Your elderly minds can reap several benefits from them especially if you are fond of reading about pet care or breeding done by most Turramurra vet hospital Turramurra NSW or if you want to talk to other people in regards with your pets.


If there’s someone who can be a vulnerable target of crimes, then that would be our beloved elders. Dogs in particular, can help them prevent any possible home invasion which might happen.  Though they are not that big, by simply barking, they can already avoid burglaries around your elder’s home.

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